About Renaissance An Entrepreneurship Summit Renaissance, an entrepreneurship summit, under Design Innovation and Incubation Center (DIIC) envisages to support innovative ideas of an individual or a group of individuals in areas related to the development of new products/goods for the benefit of mankind and/or novel approaches addressing social issues for inclusive development of the society.

It also intends to bring together technologists, engineers, medical professionals, business analysts to develop all inclusive innovation that creates an impact on the quality of life through talks,discussions and workshops.


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Lines Of Appreciation

Our Journey

Renaissance since it's first edition has been a facilitating patform for start ups to grow.

We Seed Ideas

Through Innvation Club classes that our team conduct, we plant ideas in young aspiring minds to flourish

We Fund

The ideas are incubated and given appropriate funding.

Mentorship Session

Experts of various fields are invited to mentor the start up.

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